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Functional Nutrition –
A Unique Approach to Your Healthcare

Dr. Case is committed to looking at the root causes of your health problems, not just the symptoms.  She believes that is the only real way her patients will be able to reach optimal health.  She works with her patients to get a good picture of their past and present state of health to help them reach their health goals.  Dr. Case takes everything into account including major health crises as well as everyday issues like pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

Individualized Therapies

No two people are alike, and we don’t believe your treatment should be either.  Dr. Case utilizes the Quintessential Applications Protocol which was developed by Dr. Walter H. Schmitt, D.C., D.I.B.A.K., D.A.B.C.N, whom she practiced with for the last two years of his practice.  Quintessential Applications (QA) follows scientific principles to determine the order to proceed with each individual patient.  The QA Protocol looks at the physiology and neurology of the body to approach each patient most efficiently and effectively.  We design a course of treatment using nutritional supplements, dietary recommendations, and other therapies based on what your body needs.

Manual Muscle Testing

One of the means we use to determine what therapies can improve your condition is manual muscle testing.  Manual muscle testing is a form of neurological testing.  Because certain muscles share the same spinal nerves with different organs, a malfunctioning organ, through negative feedback, can decrease related muscle strength.

Outcome Measurements

Through outcome measurements, we can be assured that the therapies we are providing will have a positive neurological impact on your condition.

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